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In close embrace, side step to the left and weight change with your left going forward immediately to walk in a secada-style walk in cross system. Ocho leads from this walk require very little twist and just an intimation from the shoulders. Do not use the trick of changing her weight; this is not graceful even if it is effective. The left foot step is shorter than the right for the lead; the back steps are vs. versa for the follow.


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Walk to the cross, rotating your body to right with left foot forward with a disassociation; then lead her to the left in a molineta, executing an enrosque as she moves about you in a box-shaped rather than circle shaped molineta. If you time the pivot correctly you will both come out of your respective crosses simultaneously.

– With simple walking, lower your height just before stepping before to make a “wringing” effect, and also experiment with taking her to your rear on either side before dipping your height, thus to bring her into an ocho or molineta; also concentrate on stepping “below” your partner as you walk.

– Stepping “below”, and leading with either left or right forward (right is harder), use small rock steps with the leading foot next to her forward foot as you do a valz-style 360 turn but in proper tango embrace until you find the line of dance.

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Proof of concept

I had an opportunity to teach a ballroom dancer a few tango steps and then to tango to some of Hillsong’s praise and worship, using those few steps she was able to pick up (like most ballroom types, she was conceptually stuck on “steps” instead of “lead, follow, improvise”.) I am pleased to say my “proof of concept” worked, more or less. We had a discussion that day about the Ussher Chronology, which didn’t seem to be a big deal to her. It’s almost as important to me as life, this thing — the idea that this is very stupid and wrong, this notion that the earth is young because they have heard it in some church somewhere. A host of thinkers like C. S. Lewis himself rejected the idea of a young earth. We ought to be able to disregard this thing simply, but people don’t seem to recognize the implications of asking people to believe in a literal Santa Claus. I accept miracles – water into wine, redemption of the soul — but there is no scientific or biblical reason to insist on a young earth. Contextual clues in Genesis itself tell us that it is prose rather than history qua history. And what do they do with the records of Chinese civilisation that go back before their “start”?

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