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Pesky volcadas

I had the fortune of practicing volcadas in close embrace with an understanding follow at practica, and it worked well .. so thus I went to the side room to try to practice again with someone else, with whom it did not work well. She was not ‘relaxing’ and tended to return her posture to something like a “standing close” embrace rather than a true “lean”, which makes the next volcada something more like an ocho cortado.

So much was learned all around.

My post-fest reflection, realized today while listening to Robin Mark’s worship music on the way there: I started out in tango thinking I would meet women (which I do).. but I have met parts of myself previously unknown to me, as well.


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I’m still processing my classes and experiences at the dctangomarathon. I’d like to ponder on this a few days before setting my thoughts down. I have, on the downside, sustained an injury to my right hamstring that has had me wearing Ben-gay patches for two days now. On the upside I have found a degree of freedom and happiness not heretofore seen in my tango, even if I’ve a ways to go before I get to the level I want to be be at. I’m skipping tango most of this week, but maybe will have a private this coming weekend.

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Semper Paratus*

*Latin; Always Ready

A gentleman tanguero should be always ready; no matter the occasion.

..At work…

..On the training floor

…After class…

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One of the cool ancillary benefits of learning tango is the regular reminder of how shallow your understanding is. A simple class in vals at the tango marathon that lasted only an hour and a half and dwelt, essentially, on simple figures con tiempo exhausted me mentally.

A super cool milonga that evening, with some even cooler performances by some tango greats.

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Previously the existence of such a thing as an evangelical tanguera was only hypothetical and a matter of conjecture. However I can confidently report a positive sighting of such a one, a member of the subspecies Evangelium femina bailarin. A protected species, to be sure. And precious.

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milonga walking

In walking milonga style, get past the simple six count…..

After marching in place to get the rhythm right (with just a suggestion of shoulder movement, but no hip movement)…

(1) (R) Stomp to mark the first beat.
(2) left
(3) Crossing the midline with R.
(4) Left coming forward purposefully, with the embrace close – which keeps her from crossing.
(5) Right coming forward


(6) Left collecting.

Now, to spice it up: After the first iteration, move directly to (3)-(4)-(5) con tiempo and then repeat for several iterations.

This calls for “hearing” the 1, 2, 1-2-3 in the music, something that by itself is something I’ve got to work on.


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I have in the past commented that tango is a kind of demilitarized zone in the battle between the sexes. However, a few days ago I had the realization and remembrance that, as von Clausewitz said, diplomacy is an extension of warfare by other means (thanks also to one of my practice partners for reminding me that von Clausewitz was German.)

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