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Gancho haiku

A thank you to A.H. who practiced side-step ganchos with me today. A haiku for her, as promised:

Thank you for your help.
Side step ganchos are a pain.
I will remember


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posture, posture, posture…

A session in body mechanics held by a friend of S. was very fruitful. Drills for posture: Practice pivots by putting one’s extending leg back there, then putting the weight over it, and then pivoting (with and without simple and complex adornments).

Breathing properly with an understanding of how it affects your sense of composure and how you hold yourself.

Drill: Facing the wall while practicing pivots makes one rotate hips and pelvis in opposite directions.

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Cleaning up my ganchos…

A most excellent class experience with S. this evening, repairing and refining my gancho technique. As always I need mas practica.


Stop “kneeing” my follows into simple boleos.

Start to think in terms of circular directions of travel .. when combined with proper embrace technique (i.e. stop letting my embrace fall apart) the action is more organic, and there is less of a tendency to “lunge”.

Think: “Pocket” vs. “triangle” — i.e. you aren’t trying to make a large target for her, you are trying to make a point of contact behind and below the knee.

Expanded things to try: Using both legs for back steps with both her right and left, and also with side steps. Remember to organically use the torso to face her.

When stepping through, lift the heel off the floor, which has the effect of raising the knee and making the “pocket” easier to find.

Remember ganchos can be done by way of resolving out of a cross, and within forward and back ochos. In my case I tend to do ochos in a flat plane rather than in a circular (i.e. like a molineta) fashion, thus I wind up trying to cover the distance in a less than completely elegant fashion. Simply by keeping the posture together and thinking circularly you avoid loosing your partner or confusing her.

Remember to step close to her foot, with yours turned outward just a bit, and to have just a little weight forward but not too much.

Reactions: Mas practica.

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Non tango tango music

I’ve just got to dance to this someday.

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Musicality, yet..

My only class this last day of the Baltimore Tango festival — On a good day, I can process one class well enough to bother — was in musicality. Again I have to reflect on how so much is lost when one does not dance with the music. One two three, One two three. Practice in class with different figures, but with a very conscious effort to dance with the music.

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Spinning and anti-spinning

My head is spinning after my first class exposure to soltadas. Rather than try to commit any notes to record, I will simply link to this video of a skilled couple performing them for my review and study.

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Frozen Solid

My first exposure yesterday in class to “frozen” boleos and linear boleos. Cool. Need practice. Lots of it. Notes to follow.

General boleo advice from the instructors. Practice with your partner simply doing ochos with good form – when your chest is moving; her hips; vs. versa. Practice the “wall” for leads. From good ocho form comes the good looking boleos.

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