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I’ve heard more than one version of Lorena McKinnett’s Tango to Evora; both lyrical and instrumental. A little poking around helped me get a better handle on this lovely piece.

Here are the lyrics for the Greek version, which is often heard in non-traditional music venues. Here it is at youtube. Here, now, is the Turkish version, which I have heard referred to as “Turkish Tango” and can be found here.


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Better volcadas

A session today dealt with ‘sliding volcadas” as well as covering technique for cleaner and better looking figures.

In simple volcadas, taking a diagonal back step after the side step in which you make her rotate helps refinforce good form. I need to remember to make a weight shift from from front to rear while in that diagonal, and that it is a “push” rather than a “pull” that makes the step happen cleanly.

Play with walking forward to a cross, bring her out into a volcada which does not resolve into a cross but rather simply sets up up for a second volcada. One way is to backstep with your left into a calista, reversing direction as you go from the first to the second volcada.

For the “sliding” volcada, out of a cross backstep with your left, right, left again leading side step, all along holding her such that her following instinct causes her to pivot after a ‘slide” during the side step which resolves into a cross; make this into the volcada.

As well, when practicing forward hook technique from a standstill, remember that you are rotating her about her axis vs. pulling her closer to you. It helps to be close to your follow and slightly to her left, and in a position to step radially around her as you turn her on her axis.

Here is a short 20 second clip good to watch – not from class, of course.

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Fencing II

My fencing taste today included review of advance and retreat, and basic parries – a “4” – a “slap” — and a “parry 6.” My observations are that footwork is essential; perhaps more so than the ability to control the blade. Also reinforced was proper lunging technique – point/lunge.

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Elegant and simple

Check out this video of elegant and relatively simple milonga.

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