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&$^#%! More ganchoes..

Reading my notes from last week, I’m still trying to graft on that forward weight shift with the cortado-gancho combination.

To further add variety: After that forward weight shift-gancho (remembering for that right to come back radially behind you a bit before the gancho) pivot to right and do a rock step forward, then back; while going back with that right going back change your weight to it. Secada forward with the left, pivoting again into a “with” front boleo; then leading your follow into a back step. Pivoting again on the left now as far as you can, extend that left into the back step for another gancho. Remember to go for the “far” edge of that back step.

*&^% ganchos.


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Cool gancho stuff

Executing an ocho cortado in close embrace, practice both a secada (your right close to her left) and also a gancho (your right closer to her right, or forward, leg). Remember to step onto the extended leg as you twist in place; this will cause your follow to naturally step out of the gancho.

Spice it up: Walk to the cross in close, sending her forward as you step left with your left for a contra-rotating boleo, then pivoting her into a gancho to your right with your right leg. Bear in mind you take no side step and give her time to rotate, which is almost 270 degrees in this figure. To spice this up further step her out of the gancho and into a back-side which allows you to step into her back step (again, twisting while you put your weight on the forward foot) thus performing another gancho.

Yet another close embrace variant: A calisita counter-clockwise after a secada to the left leg.


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While in BsAs at a group class the instructor asked the group: Why dance? And people put forward their various reasons. I answered: “Por alegria y senoritas” – my honest response. That was, in fact, well received. It so happens as one gets deeper into tango that the bit about meeting people of the opposite gender becomes less of a driving motivation; though the symmetry of a man and woman dancing is a meta-phenomena that is well remarked on. Tango is, for me, a solace against loneliness at times, but it can actually be a hindrance on the relational front. …..But there are also many times when “alegria” is all the reason one needs.

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A chance find on youtube reveals this piece by tangophobia. It brings happy memories to the fore; of practicing ochos some 18 months ago as a struggling beginner trying to make the jump forward. To this very music. In Buenos Aires.

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