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Someday I will relate on these pages how I found my way into this crazy dance and sport; and why I have stayed. Or perhaps not. Yet I relate now how I had the pleasure last night of a milonga set with the lady who helped set up and organize the “beginner’s weekend” which set the hook in my mouth and put me on the path I have described in part on these pages.


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9/8 09

A class in following technique with S. was, like the first one, revealing of simple flaws in my posture and technique that in the aggregate bedevil my lead. When following I must remember the position of my hips – slightly back – and proper walking technique; the sort of thing I can readily spot in a follow when it is wrong but, alas, is present in myself as well. Later at practica a variant barrida was demonstrated involving a “winding” of the lead role with a steep pivot.

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