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Quantum tango

A successful tango dancer I know happens to work in some kind of physics; I’m not sure which. But I observed to him yesterday at practica that just as the various models of physics have been discarded and rebuilt from the ground up over the centuries — say, Galileo and Ptolemy are no longer regnant; Einstein will be replaced by string theory, etc. – so my tango seems to be at a place where it needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. He immediately grasped the metaphor and said that this has happened about five times or so with him.

So I’m on the right track, at least with my conceptual understanding; if not in my decisions. It really does come to perfection of form in balance, walking, timing, the most fundamental elements are are “a -toms” – the “un – cuttable” parts that are the basic building blocks of the tango universe.


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