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Syncopation blues

My syncopation sucks.


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Reflections on a festival

Most of the “festival people” are from out of town; they have come to my locale to demonstrate, learn, perfect, and dance. They are very good; they live to do this; they may do this to “live” in some respects. One is awed by some of them. Cowed, even – and I’m not even talking about the performers.

I reflect that just as the simple meeting of Quaker country folk and a Cathedral are both expressions of faith, so dance has its wide scope of expression. I observe that there are those whose identity is built around dance; and that is where they belong; they have their reward. Others seem to have an identity that is, shall we say, enhanced by dance rather than defined by it. And I further observe that the talent spread can be pretty much the same in both groups; people who dance well who are ‘enhanced’ and people who are ‘defined’ by it; and likewise people who dance by rote and pattern in both groups. Such a metaphor for so many things in human existence. For some, being seen (and selected) (or doing the selecting) at a Grand Ball speaks to their need, or their want. For others; more humble fare can scratch whatever itch that they feel. All are probably where they are supposed to be in the Great Cosmic scheme of things.

Myself, I don’t think I’m destined to become a “festival person” – though I’ve been invited to go to one in a few months on the other side of the country. Still thinking on that. I’ve actually only gone to one milonga at this festival, and plan to go to one more. No classes this time around.

For me, the basics: Me, a lady, music, and a tanda. At whatever level we can squeeze out of that.

And I am content with that for now, today.

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