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The 26th

It seems I have to learn some things the hard way, by evolving more elegant and/or efficient ways to do things, and then realizing that I am only doing things I was told to do, say, a year ago. III of V with S. resolving questions — still not working consistently for me — like resolving a molineta into a lady’s cross in close, and again visiting close embrace sacadas. Truism: Gancho in close – aiming for the weight bearing leg. Sacada in close – free leg. Simple and profound. Also revisiting the “piece of pie” in close embrace ocho cortado. I am guilty at times of cheating on this. Resolving the molineta into a lady’s cross comes from a follow that pays attention to the lead’s torso, and from a lead that pays attention to his torso as well.


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Improvements on Close Embrace

A private session with S. and P, who irregularly stands in as class partner for me tonight. An improvement to my close embrace turns: Strong signal with the torso, then execute. Also less complicated foot work — I have been doing backsteps with turns, which are fine with lots of room, but they take up God’s half acre compared to simply stepping in place, which is “ok” in close.

Also a few attempts at close embrace sacadas – remember to weight change.

Afterwards, a trip to the Milonga at Devinos. A shout-out and a “thank you” to that friendly Foreign Policy specialist who shows such promise as a dancer.

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