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Update the plot

Long ago and far away the military taught me to operate plotting boards – this was before there were such things as computers common in CICs. I wound up taking a different career path, so to speak.

I was put in mind of that bit of personal history because of the idea of constantly “updating the plot” when attempting more complex combinations of figures; – where is she? What is she about to do? etc.

Private session last night with S., working on some of the movements in this video, particularly the back sacada part, and some involved discussion about dance. See how he executes the lead for the sacada up until the last minute, so to speak, and then actually executes; he takes care that his chest is not too far ahead of the action.

Also work with my following technique and discussion about things not to teach a beginner, or else they will in fact do what you say; particularly viz. collecting constantly, and is this really so necessary?


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A Galaxy of fun

It so happens I have recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy tablet; which is integrating itself into my life in a variety of ways. I think I have been around for a tango first; or at least; one of the first such incidences. A lady wanted me to show her how to do linear boleos; and I had the tablet in my shoe bag (I was expecting an email.) I called up a youtube instructional video and showed her, took her to the little practice area of the venue and demonstrated the lead, and then off we went to the main floor and danced with an execution or two of said linear boleos. I am sure other people are doing this. … It’s just the first time I did it.

It so happens that I heading to Romania in a week or so; to enjoy the sights and culture and also to dance with the local community in Bucharest. I am looking forward to this.

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