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Tango in Bucharest

So my travels have taken me to Romania; where of course I indulged myself in tango while also doing other touristy and personal things. The true story behind the instinct to travel there was a series of dreams of myself dancing with someone there; and this set the ball in motion. Something like a quarter of a century ago I had almost gone there on other business; but that is the past.

There are several groups in Bucharest dedicated to tango; I myself only interacted with the folk at tangotangent and Casadetango.ro. I enjoyed myself and hope to interact with them again. In nine full days in country I think I had six tango events.

These two groups are easily found in Sector 2 of that city, and I stayed at the “Tempo Hotel” also in Sector 2, which is easy walking distance from the floors of these fine groups. I observe, as others more learned in this dance have done before me, that there are something like regional “dialects” of the dance. The basic structure is the same, the movements the same … but regional “dialects.”

I want to return to Bucharest someday.


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