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Vals sin palabras


A cabaceo, at first. (which is how these things start),

And a nicely done vals.   She settled in; the abrazo close.

Then the tanda had ended; so thus we started to part.

She touched though my arm; it seemed she had chose

To favor me yet.   Once more for us; both music and art.


No touching that connection;  the finest you’d find. 

The thoughts in her heart spoke by the look in her eyes.

I ventured to ask her name, for I thought she’d not mind….


But I quickly perceived there I had made a faux pas;                                                                       

That by asking for her name I was not quite so wise.                        

The reasoning is complex; but basically it’s because 


that  by speaking those words, I had broken that trance.                                            

Though I did get her name, …so now I’m  still sure I’ll find              

That vals sin palabras, and a new chance to dance!


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