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Festival People

At an earlier stage in my tango journey I was once despairing of getting any traction on the tango learning curve; this while chatting with a friend at a local festival —  we were both watching some out of towners dominating the floor.

“Oh” she said “…those are festival people.”  Her inflection, I think, meant she thought something like “these people are tango zombies – you are never going to catch them.”

And she was right about that.   We are all incrementally growing up; some rocketing ahead and some, like myself, more slowly; and hopefully with a little sureness.    Some of us, like me, take detours into other arts or other things; or take breaks and rests.

Now and then I still strain for a higher foothold on the mountain trail of tango learning.

….. On a good day I can process an advanced class; and in a good month incorporate one good thing so that it is intuitive.  Tomorrow I follow my muse and hit the road for my third festival in eight months; and have one coming locally this month as well.       I’m not a tango zombie; I’m not.   But now and then the Muse strikes, with the right follow, and I think I can comfortably call myself a festival person.


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