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Oblivion“, a tango poem.

Mostly not; betimes we do. At times we fly above the norm,
and wake our souls from slumber with the music that we hear:
This is a way to find some peace in a calm above the storms.
To open heart and soul and mind, and give no thought to fear –
These dancing, ghostly, twisty shades of Plato’s Higher Forms!
To walk this stage with one another; and to dance without pretense;
strength for her, and comfort for him – here is found the very key
To show why it is food for us, though it needs not our defense.
Medicine, too, betimes; and thus to our souls this strong appeal:
This thing called tango: a chance to feel the truths that we all see
It takes us to the very heights, and to the deep depths we all feel.
I remember all those unsaid words, and her flashing eyes obsidian;
And I remember it’s but a special kind of act; but also – oh so real –
Embrace and strut and walk and heal, in that sweet dance oblivion.

copyright c. loukus 2015


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