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Fencing II

My fencing taste today included review of advance and retreat, and basic parries – a “4” – a “slap” — and a “parry 6.” My observations are that footwork is essential; perhaps more so than the ability to control the blade. Also reinforced was proper lunging technique – point/lunge.


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Fencing, I

An introductory lesson in fencing technique focuses, not surprisingly, in the proper stance, posture, and walking for that art. For my practice walk I must remember the “L” and overcome my dance-informed instinct to collect; the “collection” is to return to the “L” with a proper shoulder-width distance. For lunges the back leg must remain static, connected invisibly to the floor. Advances and retreats alike must keep the “L” intact.

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I have negotiated a block of lessons in, of all things, fencing. When I first set out in tango I joked that I would spend a year doing that before moving on to something else. It so developed (because of a lack of seriousness of intent in tango) that I went nowhere for two years with it; but have made some progress this past year. I still intend to grow in my tango, but my body awareness and “presence” are going to worked out with this little side experience. Lessons to start in a few weeks.

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