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A private session with S. this evening dealt with improving my close embrace ganchoes, and as well grafting ganchoes onto the sacada/barrida figure I picked up like a cold virus in my last Buenos Aires trip. By remembering to “lift” just a little (instead of instinctively hold the embrace “down”) on the forward and back ganchoes it improves greatly.

Also work on forward boleos — don’t be shy about moving into her space to hold the figure together nicely.

Some work on a figure I didn’t quite get: Out of any step that presents you with a normal back gancho, initially position your ganchoed foot close to the weight bearing leg; then step through — the timing is hard to get (your weight at this point is on your back, left; assuming the right is the one being ganchoed) and cause in her a kind of front boleo.


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I and II of VI

I: In last week’s class with I and S (for G: спасибо!) a use for Isaac’s “man-tap” – going to the cross with the right leading forward, wind it around your back leg in a fashion similar to la caida before spring it forward for the first sacada.

II: In tonight’s class (again, спасибо) a figure in which you begin in close, relaxing the embrace as you cause your follow to side step to her right as you perform a sacada, pivoting, and causing her to perform a “with” boleo (not contra-rotating). Various resolutions include walking around her clockwise, leading with right; or causing her to cross and step out while you catch her forward traveling foot in a barrida.

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Out of back ochos, do a “la caida” like gesture – with tap – with your left going around back before bringing it around to your front as she begins a back step. Her step thus sweeps your left; she steps over; you remember to pivot cleanly on the forward leg – if you do this counter clockwise it seems a different pivot is called for. Next; try this figure entire to the clockwise: Out of a rock step with the left forward come back to a collected state as you bring the follow to your right, then backstep with your right coming around to do the gesture; then bringing it forward again to catch her sweeping foot as you pivot and bring yourself forward to face her.

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Perfecting barridas..

Class with Isaac and Sharna tonight refining barrida technique. One cool figure discovered by accident is to do the contra-rotating boleo and then a barrida on the back step.

Drills: Out of back ochos, as the follow rotates counter clockwise, pivot on your right forward before collecting and then using the right to drag. Mix it up: As she does her back step – make sure to give her time to do this – position your right inside the figure; her inertia will cause her to sweep your foot. If she doesn’t know what to do with this or freezes up your “oh crap” manuever is to simply move your foot ahead of hers in the figure.

Unfortunately I am finding myself cheating a bit and simply positioning my left foot in an extreme angle instead of properly pivoting; a habit I need to break to get to combining enrosque-barrida figures.

I must also remember that if I am doing the drag, I need to get the pivot done with beforehand; if she is “pushing” I need to be doing the pivot along with her frame’s movement. I have found that the placement of my left (for counter-clockwise) is crucial, because it has to be bear all my weight during the pivot on the same foot.

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