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While in BsAs at a group class the instructor asked the group: Why dance? And people put forward their various reasons. I answered: “Por alegria y senoritas” – my honest response. That was, in fact, well received. It so happens as one gets deeper into tango that the bit about meeting people of the opposite gender becomes less of a driving motivation; though the symmetry of a man and woman dancing is a meta-phenomena that is well remarked on. Tango is, for me, a solace against loneliness at times, but it can actually be a hindrance on the relational front. …..But there are also many times when “alegria” is all the reason one needs.


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A chance find on youtube reveals this piece by tangophobia. It brings happy memories to the fore; of practicing ochos some 18 months ago as a struggling beginner trying to make the jump forward. To this very music. In Buenos Aires.

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I’ve heard more than one version of Lorena McKinnett’s Tango to Evora; both lyrical and instrumental. A little poking around helped me get a better handle on this lovely piece.

Here are the lyrics for the Greek version, which is often heard in non-traditional music venues. Here it is at youtube. Here, now, is the Turkish version, which I have heard referred to as “Turkish Tango” and can be found here.

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All my tears

All my tears (be washed away) by Selah. I have previously identified a few works by John Michael Talbot as examples of explicitly Christian music suitable for vals and tango. There I offer something that is beyond suitable and could be called “ideal.” Something worth dancing about.

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Country boy..

I am, at heart, a well-read and well-travelled hillbilly from a two-blinker town in rural Michigan. Thus it is no surprise to me that I should think it just a swell idea to tango milonga style to American country/western music. I’m not the only good-ole boy around who thinks this. The 2/4 rhythm of that musical form was designed for dancing.

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Greek tango

Nearly a year ago I got this CD but only recently have actually gotten around to listening to it. I love track 7, “Gia ligo” – very techno and very classical all at once. The youtube link is of poor quality, but you can “hear” what I like about it.

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Tango Radio

I found this link on Christmas Eve looking for music on-line — streaming tango music from the headwaters of tango, Argentina. Enjoy.

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