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More refined barridas

A private session with S. dealt with executing more professional-looking sweeps. One must form the mental habit of a) positioning the follow b) rotating the hips and c) moving cleanly across that midline without altering the embrace, sliding the hand across the back as necessary. As well, a practice walk to prepare for a session with the back sacada, and playing with variations on the parada: For practice, execute paradas on the forward, back, side steps of a molineta with both left and right, and with both large and step-overs by the lead. One can also simply pivot in some cases vs. stepping over. The mind boggles at the permutations when one considers also that molinetas (and ochos) can go either way. For even more variation, some situations allow a parada in which the blocking foot is pointed 180 degrees away from “normal”. A very organic figure for two is created with this and rotating the foot slightly to accomodate the follow’s foot as she pivots there. With paradas on the side step of a molineta, it is also possible to create an ocho pattern with a little imagination.


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