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Session IV

Like a magician pulling rabbits out of a hat, the instructor was able to get me to a point of executing plausible looking back sacadas. I may go for a massage at some point to re-attach my ribs to the usual anatomic anchor points. Most excellent fun. To push the envelope a bit: A forward ocho-back sacada – back/front boleo. It’s what keeps you coming back…. I will feel like the king of the hill if I can replicate this tomorrow.

Tango: In close embrace I tend to go more in a kind of “salon” style, a little offset, because of my height. Yet with a “proper” size follow I do not need to do this and I can more cleanly execute molinetas with a more chest – chest frame.

Vals: Musicality, as well as close embrace vals with musicality and sacada/ganchoes. In vals there is this Q – Q! S tempo to capture and integrate with one’s figures. Also, one does not stop collecting just because they are doing vals.

Milonga: Practice with musicality with corridos and triaspies. I must remember to keep the left arm back and for the energy to come from the chest. One, two, 1-2-3.


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Around and about

Session III:

Tango: More work with refining my sacadas and combining with other basic figures.

Vals: Working in both close and open with walking “around” (i.e. to her left), and doing turns and returns to normal parrallel system with this. Very good for vals. That elbow needs to move, as does the chest, when moving to her left; contra-lateral walking.

Milonga: A milonga variant seen with Carina, and reinforced; to be worked on again tomorrow.

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Vals drills

Vals walking drills: The “pendulum” – con tiempo. Don’t rush. Practice forward and back.

Remember the “V” shaped basic vals pattern.

Practice a secada with the left forward while the follow is stepping out of the cross (she must change her weight as soon as she crosses) and step around her holding her in place until you again look down the line of dance.

Practice: A sideways “molineta” like figure which subs a collection for the side step (both in, both back, both in, etc.) — and then the lead after a few iterations walks her into a cross and then out. Practice that walk by yourself both to right, left, and both directions. Same for the “v.”

An 8 count in vals is best done with a back step on one, and on the iteration with a pronounced movement of the left shoulder back on this back step. Begin with a side.

Cococabana with Carina.

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