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The “Hurricane” Colgada

Check out this video. I’ve got to learn this.


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I’ve been going through a kind of mild epistemiological crisis, wondering about my dance. Take a break? Hit the classes hard again? Practice what I know? I’ve even considering a major step down of a few months or so to get my bearings about all this.

…The sum of which is that I am tentatively hoping to refine my dance in this coming year…to do well; quality over quantity.

Here’s a video that I’ve been watching for inspiration. I have no illusions that I will ever be anything but, at best, a “good” dancer if I work at this. But I think I will become that some day.

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Cool soltadas

I’m working on incorporating back sacadas now, and have, as it so happens, successfully executed a soltada in a social dance context without injuring anyone. Thus I was looking for videos to study, and found this really cool example of combination back sacadas and soltadas. I’m not there yet. But I will be there.

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Really awesome ganchos

Check out this video. Anybody want to try it?

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Elegant and simple

Check out this video of elegant and relatively simple milonga.

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Isaac and Sharna..

Cool video link of Isaac and Sharna dancing on the D.C. metro.

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Spinning and anti-spinning

My head is spinning after my first class exposure to soltadas. Rather than try to commit any notes to record, I will simply link to this video of a skilled couple performing them for my review and study.

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