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A plug

Let me put a plug in for my instructor in Buenos Aires, Sra. Paula Ferrio, who is now up on the ‘web.


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More milonga …

More milonga variations from Carina:

Sidestep (l), (r) forward and back in double time before the next figure.

Sidestep left with left, then placing the right forward past (l); and drawing the right back; forming a cross. Then the left brought from behind to the right, then the left back, forming a cross … and stepping out.

Stepping left with left, right forward, collecting; pivoting back on the right before completing the “box.”

Doing the “middle”steps of any milonga variation in double time but stepping out 4-5-6 in normal tempo.


Practice the practice “zigzag” walks; alternating R. or L. The “walking secada” as well. Stomping the first beat helps establish the start of the next figure. STEP TOGETHER.

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Cool figure

Picture the follow taken to a back ocho, and sandwiched. Then with a small degree of intention — but not enough to put your weight forward — cause her to form something like a mini volcada. (You must take care to block her with your right arm from stepping to her left across your right.)

Give her time to settle and walk out.

Also work today with Carina in a salida involving something like a molineta around the follow which resolves with the follow in the cross.

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No way!…. Way!

A Catholic sister I encounter at Meze expresses disbelief that anything from John Michael Talbot’s worship music is tango-able. Here it is, from the CD “Monk Rock.”

Track 4: Kyrie (the Kyrie Elieson, or “Lord, have mercy”) – tango

Track 10: Sanctus – for Vals.

Track 8, The “Jesus Prayer Swing” is in fact, swing music, which while enjoyable to listen to, is lost on me insofar as dance goes. I’m having trouble (and fun) enough with tango without straying afield.

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Otros Besos

Great experience at Otros Besos. A friendly place for social dance with friends, and a great chance to chat with a very skilled leader who has been dancing forever. We commiserated about how easy it is to see something in your head, and even dance it yourself; but leading someone into it is another matter.

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More milonga

Simple variations: Side step left with the left being the line of dance; before leading back in a zig-zag pattern; resolving with a box step. Remember to collect and pivot to make the figure mas limpia. A variation in the six count: bringing the left forward across the midline, a brief “walking” secada, bring the right along to collect, then the left out again. More work this p.m. on the devilishly difficult reverse cross – easy for the man to do, but hard to lead the follow into.

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Naughty or nice…?

This evening at Meze I had occasion to dance with an experienced follow .. one of those who throw adornos out right and left before they register on your brain, all within the space of a few beats. She offered this observation from Daniel Tremer, the man responsible to a great degree for the resurgence of interest in tango dancing in the U.S.:

There are three kinds of follows…. the passive, the active …. and the naughty.

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