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Cool soltadas

I’m working on incorporating back sacadas now, and have, as it so happens, successfully executed a soltada in a social dance context without injuring anyone. Thus I was looking for videos to study, and found this really cool example of combination back sacadas and soltadas. I’m not there yet. But I will be there.


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Buenos Aires reflections..

One goes, I think, to BsAs for context more than anything else. I could spend the vacation money and go elsewhere, or buy a new kitchen counter. But I find myself going, once again, to try to get just a little better in my lead… Honest, I think this will be the last trip! 🙂

I have a physician friend who thinks that these various diets – Adkins, Grapefruit, etc. are perhaps not so important in what they contain or leave out but in that they enforce some kind of discipline on the chaos of someone’s eating habits. In like fashion, I think, is my trip to BsAs. It’s the focus for two weeks that’s going to push me forward, more than the cheap lessons and ample opportunities to dance. Or that’s what I tell myself…

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Here I come!

I have purchased tickets for Buenos Aires in October. Now I’m in for it…

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Really awesome ganchos

Check out this video. Anybody want to try it?

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Following ..

I read long ago the account of a man who had sailed solo round the world – Robin Graham, at the time the youngest to have done this. When he returned to his home port he had a profound epiphany of how the world was round. He knew this, of course, as a navigator. But the experience of doing this communicated the notion to him on a different level.

A private session with S. yesterday in following technique was like a jolting cup of coffee in like regard in reinforcing why one does, and does not do, certain things. Simple and profound. All leaders should learn to follow well. Those old school milongueros had the right idea back in the day.

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