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A most excellent milonga class with Carina, this evening. Practice walk doing a molineta figure in a straight line; both directions. Also practice a back-cross/front cross step in place.

For the dance, the lead takes her into a cross as he crosses himself from the back, backsteps into a cross figure, etc. for a few iterations while the follow mirrors these actions (I’m a little unclear as to how to consistently lead this for a follow who is not expecting it) ..then walk to the cross and complete as you walk out. It helps for the lead here to brush your (r) against her (r) so that she knows she is being led into these odd cross steps.

Also: A figure wherein the lead steps steeply across his left with his right (line of dance to his left) and then executes three side steps (milonga style) as the follow initially does the steps of a moineta figure (in a straight line) before being finally walked into the cross.

Loads of fun.


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Tango in Nepal?

Well, I didn’t find any, but I did find a cheap (150 rupees, about 2$ U.S.) copy of Gotan Project in the tourist district of Thamel.

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