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A private session with S. gives me glimpses into the possible.

..If only I can discipline my posture, particularly my right arm; which zombie-like has its own agenda; it wants to come up from deep sleep to play an active role in my boleos.

I am going to consciously take a mental posture of furtively hiding within myself and watch that arm and get its behaviors under control. I know G. will be happy with this.

..also some refresher work on the “lapiz” and how to make it work smoothly.


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One of the persistent mysteries of the tango scene, to me (as a leader) is the whole deal with the lady’s shoes with high heels. I can get how they love them (I know someone who came back from Buenos Aires with 13 pairs). It’s just hard to envision what it must be like to wear them for hours at a time and be comfortable in them. Even walking just a few minutes must be very difficult. It must be a woman thing I will never “get.”

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